NIKE SHOX TEE ( My very first Nike design )


NIKE SHOX TEE, Delivery 9/25, Quick Turn Tee Program, Nike EMEA for Footlocker Europe. Issue date 06/06/2003.

That, would be the full official title of the very first design I did at Nike EMEA,

and thereby also the very first design I did in the wonderful world of Fashion, aka Casual Sportwear.

On June 1st 2003, I started at Nike EMEA’s SRT department (Strategic Response Team) who were responsible for designing Nike collections for special accounts such as Footlocker, JD, JJB, Decathlon and other special projects.

My main responsibility was designing for  the Footlocker account and it’s QTT program, a program of monthly graphic tees / table tees.

At the time nearly all the tees in this program were inspired by footwear; either the Tuned Air Or Nike Shox sneakers.

This one was inspired by the Black and Gold Nike Shox.

The design was a blown up version of the in-circled logo on the sneaker, which had a metallic thread grid behind the logo.

On the print description for the factory it said: 1 Colour Screenprint / 1 Metallic Screenprint / 1 Black Highbuild, indicating all the techniques within the print design.

The first delivery was on a Black and a White tee.

When in store, within the first 6 weeks the Black version sold over 20.000 pieces and the White 10.000…

Not a bad sale through at all, and an instant success.