Eat more rice bitch!

Two propaganda posters for eating rice.

During my internship at Eikes Grafischer Hort I was going through a book about Chinese propaganda posters. I thought it would be cool to make a propaganda poster for something very mundane… Like… ammm, eating rice? Yes, that would be cool! So I did. Eike Konig the head of the Hort liked it so much that he used the image of the girl for the cover of Moogue’s ‘China girl’ album in 2001.

Looks and sounds familior? Yes!!

Some nice Thai people made bad copy’s of the first poster and the slogan “Eat more rice bitch!”, printed them on tees and sold them to tourists for 5 bucks. My original design is from 2000, I put it on some online portfolio site and they stole it from there around 2002.

The interesting thing is that “Eat more rice bitch!” Has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, for both the back packing tourists visiting Thailand as for organisations dealing with rice consumption in Thailand and Asia. If you google the slogan you will even find other peoples designs made with it.

I’m still waiting for my cut of the money though…