Entertainment is killing us!

Entertainment is killing us!

What kind of input do people get by going to the movies, watching TV or playing videogames?

How many people do we see each day that get stabbed, blown up, crashed, tortured, who suffer from other physical or mental harm inflicted upon them?

On an average of 10, 20, 30, more?

With certain video games, so called ‘shoot’em ups’ you can slaughter without mercy and the scale of victims is gigantic.

Murder, violence, sadistic behaviour, racism, hate, deceit, disasters, perversion, more than half of the shows on TV, in the movies and video games are about these topics.

Even in music people sing or rap about killing or torturing others like there’s nothing to it.


It seems a human life isn’t worth a thing.


Do people get a kick out violence, sadistic behaviour, hate and perversion as entertainment?

Are people really so morbid and uncaring that these things are really fun to them? Do people know what they are looking at?

How will this kind of entertainment develop in the future, will TV, movies and video games with such content become boring?

Maybe people would love to have this kind of entertainment for real in their own home?

Like some sort of games in which the whole family participates?


What would happen if a board games manufacturer would supply the necessary entertainment that is so enjoyed in our society?

Are the situations you see on TV, in the movies and in videogames still as entertaining if you would be in them in real life?

For my graduation project I wanted to create a sort of situation, a scenario, in which an ‘average’ family would sit at a table and play these games.

This scenario would, on one side, act like a advertising campaign for several games produced by the board games manufacturer,

but on the other side show a very dark side of where it all might lead, and thereby act as a warning.


To put it in other words; Entertainment is killing us!


With my graduation project I wanted to confront people with their taste in entertainment.

That they think about why they are drawn to this kind of entertainment and why they enjoy it.

Why do you worship the destruction of others?

Where are your boundaries, at what time does your conscience speak?

I wanted to make the viewer aware of what he or she is looking at and where our current kind of entertainment might lead.

That people think about where they draw their line between entertainment and being shocked or disgusted.

And why did they draw them where they are?