Nickelson 3.0: Brand Identity

In the past decades Nickelson has become an international fashion brand.

Today it has turned back to it’s roots.

Creating a new urban look, inspired by sport, military & fashion. Nickelson Three·Zero represents a life style brand. Its soul and deeper meaning are illustrated by the triangle’s unity of spirit, mind and body, mixed with the wholeness and protection of the circle.

Ancient symbols that blend together in what we call street couture.

Triangle and circle

Three·Zero derives from the Triangle and the Circle. The triangle contains three edges, a mark of change.

It contains the past, present and future. The Circle presents the zero. An everlasting loop with no end. It protects from the inside. Together they form Three·Zero.


The Nickelson Three·Zero DNA pays tribute to the contemporary, authentic, tough and recognizable brand with striking designs that was founded in 1985.

But we have moved on and have incorporated this heritage in a new urban based collection: ground-breaking, insurgent, striking and futuristic. A new look without compromise.

We start with new, unusual forms and materials, asymmetrical, in different layers.

We get our inspiration from the way young, trendy people all over the world combine fashion and dare to wear on the street.


Photos copyright of and with courtesy by: Nickelson