Onemanshow: AW14 Collection

You’re the one. We’re the show.

In 2013 a team of 4 successful individuals came together, took a risk and decided to take their experience, knowledge and love of fashion to the next level. With their different backgrounds in graphics, sales, fashion design and entrepreneurship, they created the perfect blend for a new lifestyle brand for men:


Just like the Italian Medici family created a melting pot that set off Renaissance in Florence and later Italy, Onemanshow and its founders are ready to start a new cultural revolution.

Onemanshow is a decadent, outspoken fashion brand for men. Think: artistic, cultural, rebellious and individualistic influences, with collections for smart men, who are ambitious, open to new experiences, always eager to learn and ready for success.

The Onemanshow man is a leader,

who is not limited by culture – he can be anything from hip-hop and punk to rock ‘n roll. He knows what he wants and is confident in getting it. But, this man is not alone. Like every show, he needs an entourage; a network of other strong personalities behind the scenes as well as in front. Like a kick boxer needs his trainer.

A front man needs his band. And a DJ needs his music.

Onemanshow has its headquarters in Amsterdam and consists of two main fashion collections per year. To create even more brand awareness, at least twice a year Onemanshow will launch a collection collaboration with an iconic Captain of Industry. Inspired by the accomplishments of other successful men, these designs will be limited editions bridging two completely different fields: Fashion and interior design, fashion and cars or fashion and music.

The brand’s clear mission is to make the aspirational attainable, by creating a lifestyle that is both luxurious and high-end, and one that can cater to different market needs and occasions.




Risk Taker


Product Design by:

Adam Lee Carroll

Photos copyright of, and with courtesy by Onemanshow

( models: Sam Webb, – / photographer: – )