Onemanshow: SS16 Collection

The Renaissance man’s quest for knowledge, power and understanding the universe, is what inspired the two stories of the Onemanshow SS16 Collection.

Two stories with the same origin and goal, but each takes a different path.



A story about finding knowledge, understanding and balance.

Through living in and understanding nature. Everything is connected.

Be one with the universe and everything is made out of the same building blocks.

What is small is big and what is big is small.

A mix between classical artistic elements and natural shapes.



A story about finding knowledge, power and creating a new world order.

Making a new reality. Finding the elixir of life and fountain of eternal youth.

Using science and knowledge to turn lead into gold.

Conquer and control nature.

A mix between classical artistic elements and modern digital shapes.



Photos copyright of and with courtesy by: Onemanshow

( model: Sam Webb / photographer:- )

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