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  • Onemanshow SS15: Magic Carpet

    Onemanshow SS15: Magic Carpet

    Well, you don’t know what we can find, Why don’t you come with us, On a magic carpet ride… Repeat pattern inspired by Orientalism and Persian carpets. Persian carpets stands out and are famous for the wide variety and elaborate colours and artistical designs. Rich in tradition and symbolism they have been treasured the royal Persian empire for dynasties.

  • Onemanshow SS15: Kufic

    Onemanshow SS15: Kufic

    The ancient writing’s on the wall, Kufic calligraphy that is. Repeat pattern inspired by Orientalism and Kufic calligraphy, the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts and developed around the end of the 7th century in Kufa, Iraq, from which it takes its name. Until about the 11th century it was the main script used to copy […]

  • Onemanshow: SS15 Collection

    Onemanshow: SS15 Collection

    ORIENTALISM The Renaissance of the east. A romantized portray of the Orient as an exotic, colourful, sensual and imaginary place and time in a ficticious history. From the middle east and beyond come the exotic tales of travelers that have experienced her mysteries and riches, that desire and inspire…   ROCKSTARISM An expressing of modern rebellion; sexy, anti-authoritarian and hedonistic, characterised by distinctive styles of […]

  • Onitsuka Tiger: AW15 Collection

    Onitsuka Tiger: AW15 Collection

    Onitsuka Tiger Global Apparel Collection for Autumn Winter 2015.   Product design and creative direction by Multiple Identities. Photos copyright of, and with courtesy by Onitsuka Tiger. ( models: – / photographer: – )

  • Onitsuka Tiger AW15: Tri Tiger

    Onitsuka Tiger AW15: Tri Tiger

  • Cult Edition: Flower Skull

    Cult Edition: Flower Skull

  • Cult Edition: Caribbean Shake

    Photos copyright of and with courtesy by ( Models: – / Photographers: – )

  • Onemanshow SS15: Carved, a Marcel Wanders Collaboration

    Onemanshow SS15: Carved, a Marcel Wanders Collaboration

    CARVED CHAIR The handcarved iconic 3 dimensional drawing creates the magic skin of the Carved Chair by Marcel Wanders. The chair is photographed and used to create the skin for a series of Onemanshow pieces. Carved chair was created in 2006 and part of a larger series of pieces based on the War to design! […]

  • Onemanshow AW14: Parade

    Onemanshow AW14: Parade

    A look into the past where real men lived as kings and were worshipped as such.   Photos copyright of, and with courtesy by Onemanshow ( model:  – / photographer: – )

  • Onemanshow AW14: Nude Girls

    Onemanshow AW14: Nude Girls

    Who says typography can’t be sexy? These 0 and 1 for were tastefully shot by photographer Leon Schröder in his studio for the first Onemanshow collection. Models: Enthral, Roxane Faissolle, LA Lior’Amour and Pussy Galore. Muah Natalia Zhark