View2 Magazine #15: Grunge

Graphic Direction for View2 magazine, Issue 15, Grunge

Collaboration with 2Som Studio for View2 Magazine.

A story inspired by the early grunge rock era of the late 1980s and early 1990s and the chaotic extremes of the Seattle scene of that time, best exemplified by Kurt Cobain (2014 marks the 20th anniversary of his death).

Think torn-off necklines, ripped-to-shreds jeans worn with oversized knitwear and thrift-store flannel shirts.

Mismatching eclectic innovation is key in this clashing mix of styles.

Charles Peterson’s iconic grunge photography is singularly relevant, reflecting the energy behind Cobain and his Seattle contemporaries.


Graphic Direction

Lumberjack Plaids and Bold Stripes / Ripped Denim Textures / Dirt and Sweat Stain Effects / a Hint of Tiger
Print / Smashed ‘Rock Star’ guitars / Handmade Photocopied gig Flyers / Hand-Drawn and Scratched Lettering / Distressed Running Stitch Embroideries / Waterbased Single Layer Screen Prints with Body Fabric (Flannel) Showing through / Rough Handscreen Prints with Uneven Distribution of Ink (Ink Bleeds) / Black-and-White Photo Prints / Halftone Filters