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  • Nickelson 3.0: Brand Identity

    Nickelson 3.0: Brand Identity

    In the past decades Nickelson has become an international fashion brand. Today it has turned back to it’s roots. Creating a new urban look, inspired by sport, military & fashion. Nickelson Three·Zero represents a life style brand. Its soul and deeper meaning are illustrated by the triangle’s unity of spirit, mind and body, mixed with the wholeness and […]

  • Baskèts: Identity

    Baskèts: Identity

    Baskèts Amsterdam asked us to find a way to visually connect their brand with their consumers and other brands they do collaborations with. With an already strong recognisable type logo in place, we improved the kerning on the existing typography and added the distinct block logo. The block logo containing the enlarged acute accent offers a way to connect […]

  • Feiwebb: Identity

    Feiwebb: Identity

    Bringing different ideas and people together to create something new. FEIWEBB offers an unique way of working closely with their clients to provide them with the right online marketing solutions. Their core expertise is reflected in the visual identity we created. Different shapes and colours all pointing in the same direction, creating new shapes and colours, like the prism […]

  • Spirit Mind Body: Identity

    Spirit Mind Body: Identity

    Re-establishing the connection with one’s self and others. Spirit, Mind and Body, they are all connected in an ongoing circle of life.   Spirit Mind Body is a coaching and therapy practise that helps people connect.

  • House of Eleanor: Identity

    House of Eleanor: Identity

    “Crown Yourself” is the brandconcept we created for House of Eléonore, a moderne approach for wearing diamond jewellery. The typography and arms invoke the strength of this extraordinary Medieval royal lady.   Collaboration with Taken By Storm. Roos & van de Werk came up with the name — with Bastiaan Van De Werk.

  • Critical Hit: Identity

    Critical Hit: Identity

    Critical HIT Airsoft Events organise some of the most challenging Airsoft events within the Netherlands and Belgium. Teamspirit, fairplay, having a good time and providing a great experience to players is what they are all about. NABV approved, they offer some of the best arcade games and mil-sims within the Benelux.

  • Onemanshow: AW14 Collection

    Onemanshow: AW14 Collection

    You’re the one. We’re the show. In 2013 a team of 4 successful individuals came together, took a risk and decided to take their experience, knowledge and love of fashion to the next level. With their different backgrounds in graphics, sales, fashion design and entrepreneurship, they created the perfect blend for a new lifestyle brand […]

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  • Koppige Kunst Logo

    Koppige Kunst Logo