Portfolio Category: Typography

  • Nickelson 3.0: Collection 1

    Nickelson 3.0: Collection 1

      Product Design by: Adam Lee Carroll Photos copyright of and with courtesy by: Nickelson

  • Onemanshow: SS16 Collection

    Onemanshow: SS16 Collection

    The Renaissance man’s quest for knowledge, power and understanding the universe, is what inspired the two stories of the Onemanshow SS16 Collection. Two stories with the same origin and goal, but each takes a different path.   FRACTAL HERMATICISM A story about finding knowledge, understanding and balance. Through living in and understanding nature. Everything is connected. Be one with the universe […]

  • Baskèts: Identity

    Baskèts: Identity

    Baskèts Amsterdam asked us to find a way to visually connect their brand with their consumers and other brands they do collaborations with. With an already strong recognisable type logo in place, we improved the kerning on the existing typography and added the distinct block logo. The block logo containing the enlarged acute accent offers a way to connect […]

  • Feiwebb: Identity

    Feiwebb: Identity

    Bringing different ideas and people together to create something new. FEIWEBB offers an unique way of working closely with their clients to provide them with the right online marketing solutions. Their core expertise is reflected in the visual identity we created. Different shapes and colours all pointing in the same direction, creating new shapes and colours, like the prism […]

  • Onemanshow: AW15 Collection

    Onemanshow: AW15 Collection

      SIBERIAN NIGHTS From the cold and dangers of the Siberian Tundra’s, to the power and riches of the Romanoff’s. Mother Russia cultural wealth and and history are a great source of inspiration. But will always stay a mystery for outsiders.   SACRED GEOMETRY All is connected through Sacred Geometry; the building blocks of life.     Photos […]

  • Onemanshow SS15: Ripped

    Onemanshow SS15: Ripped

  • Onemanshow SS15: Kufic

    Onemanshow SS15: Kufic

    The ancient writing’s on the wall, Kufic calligraphy that is. Repeat pattern inspired by Orientalism and Kufic calligraphy, the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts and developed around the end of the 7th century in Kufa, Iraq, from which it takes its name. Until about the 11th century it was the main script used to copy […]

  • Onemanshow: SS15 Collection

    Onemanshow: SS15 Collection

    ORIENTALISM The Renaissance of the east. A romantized portray of the Orient as an exotic, colourful, sensual and imaginary place and time in a ficticious history. From the middle east and beyond come the exotic tales of travelers that have experienced her mysteries and riches, that desire and inspire…   ROCKSTARISM An expressing of modern rebellion; sexy, anti-authoritarian and hedonistic, characterised by distinctive styles of […]

  • Onitsuka Tiger: AW15 Collection

    Onitsuka Tiger: AW15 Collection

    Onitsuka Tiger Global Apparel Collection for Autumn Winter 2015.   Product design and creative direction by Multiple Identities. Photos copyright of, and with courtesy by Onitsuka Tiger. ( models: – / photographer: – )

  • Onemanshow AW14: Nude Girls

    Onemanshow AW14: Nude Girls

    Who says typography can’t be sexy? These 0 and 1 for were tastefully shot by photographer Leon Schröder in his studio for the first Onemanshow collection. Models: Enthral, Roxane Faissolle, LA Lior’Amour and Pussy Galore. Muah Natalia Zhark